Designed for various missions:
attack, search, observation, intelligence
and navigation safety

Improved operation for operators
and enhanced navigation safety

MTT1 is well suitable for upgrading your fleet,
and new latest generation submarines

MTT1, the new generation optronic mast

PHOTOSPACE designs and produces a new generation cutting edge optronic mast with instantaneous 360 field of view, associated with artificial intelligence for target detection.

MTT Front view

MTT1 Mast in tactical situation

MTT1 operator console

Multisensor optronic mast

The MTT1 offers best in class technology to deliver unrivalled performance in the size of an attack periscope.

It includes exclusive PHOTOSPACE technologies in operation on French Attack submarines, and the latest improvements developed by our team.

  • Tactical situation in less than 3 seconds
  • Optimized indiscretion time
  • Design to reduce radar signature
  • Limited infrared signature
  • Low visual signature
  • New head-window generation (ATCTM)
  • Multirole: Optronic & Electronic Warfare
  •  360° vision
  • Detection assisted by Artificial Intelligence
  • Assisted Recognition & Identification
  • Automatic targeting sequencing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced video processing software
  • Integrated in Attack and/or Search periscopes
  • Standardized maintenance (spare parts & procedures)
  • Streamlined In-Service Support
  • Unified training
  • Cost-effective

Zenithal vision
Multiband GNSS
EW antenna & electronic warefare
3-axes 360° stabilized vision
VUHF Communication & Direction Finding
3-axes stabilized UHD day sensor
2-axes stabilized thermal sensor
Night vision sensor



PHOTOSPACE is a pioneering company with a high expertise level in the fields of electronic, optronic, radiofrequency, IT and system integration.

Since 20 years, we design, develop and manufacture ambitious radiocomm solutions and optronics systems for the Defense & Security Agencies.


PHOTOSPACE is a major French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) partner for participative innovation missions.

Maritime & Defense division


Skills at the service of safety

PHOTOSPACE has upgraded the entire French Navy fleet of SNA Rubis type submarines from optical periscopes to all-optronic systems.

The integration of low-light PHOTOSPACE sensors, 4K Day camera and thermal camera has significantly improved the periscopes detection capabilities. Innovative software solutions adapted to the processing of images, and interconnected to the combat system have revolutionized periscopes

Strength by this experience, PHOTOSPACE designs and produces a new generation optronic mast with instantaneous 360 field of view associated with artificial intelligence for target detection: MTT1.

French Label

In 2020, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces issued to PHOTOSPACE the label « As used by French Armed Forces » for one of its periscopic mast product.

IPO System
Optronic system for modernization
of traditional optical periscope

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